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Intra-Oral 3D Scans, Radiography, Clinical Photos and Doctor's Design Forms. 

the medicore process


Treatment Plan Simulation is created in 24h and sent for revision. An interactive portal illustrating the plan will be available to continuously adjust or revise each treatment phase.


Medicore's dental technicians uses an invisible modern material to make clear aligners. The three-layer aligner material has a flexible elastomer core in a hard-elastic double shell which is able to maintain a constant force level at a minimal loss of power. The flexible elastomer layer ensures high elasticity and break resistance, while reducing initial force and increasing patient comfort. This modern and invisible material is approved and preferred by dental specialists.


Source: Scheu-Dental. (2021). CA® clear aligner [Brochure]. CA_Pro_CA_Pro+_VKP_PM0308_GB_Original_8825.pdf (scheu-dental.com)

Medicore Clear Aligners feature a smooth, unscalloped trim line that extends past the gingival margin. Research shows that aligners trimmed with this technique are significantly more retentive than scalloped aligners, which can reduce the need for attachments. 


Source: “The effect of gingival-margin design on the retention of thermoformed aligners” by Daniel P. Cowley, James Mah, and Brendan O’Toole in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics: JCO 11/2012; 46(11):697-702.


After manufacturing, the Medicore Clear Aligners are delivered directly to the doctors and the treatment can immediately get underway. Fittings, molds and progress is checked and can be altered to suit patients needs


After a regular visit to the dentist, a young biomedical engineer had a vision of creating a better and more cost-effective way to fix a smile. Research began into old-fashioned metal braces and current clear aligner solutions, alternatives came bubbling to the surface. Combining modern engineering techniques and inter-disciplinary skills, the perfect solution was found - Medicore Clear Aligners

Interdisciplinary skills

Although every step is performed by a specialist in their field, the entire Medicore Clear Aligner process is overseen by a team of biomechanical engineers with a passion for accessibility and affordability to all. Each step of the clear aligner process is meticulously reviewed.

Accessible & Affordable

Allowing the patient to pay per treatment phase creates an affordable solution accessible to both dentists and patients.

Quality: smart solutions

Qualified and carefully selected partners are used at every step of the supply chain. 

Pre-treatment smile simulations

Before a patient commits to the treatment plan they are able to request a smile simulation. This enables them to see their future smile and have access to an interactive portal to see how their teeth will shift through each treatment phase. 


Medicore manages its own marketing and allows dentists to voluntarily join at no cost. Patients are able to find a dentist using Medicore Clear Aligners by clicking the "Find a Doctor" tab. Should you wish to be a part of the list and grow your practice, feel free to contact us.